quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

Equipa e Actores - Porto

Uma produção da Northern Film School, UK procura EQUIPA e ACTORES, incluindo alguns figurantes para uma curta-metragem na área do Porto em Outubro. 

We are looking for various crew (all departments) and cast members (including the roles below) and appreciate any interest from Portuguese filmmakers.

MARIA - a young woman, playing age 17-22
CLARA - her sister, playing age 15-17
ROSA - her sister, playing age 11-14
MANUEL -playing age 20-25
MOTHER - the girls' mother, playing age 40 - 50
FATHER - the girls' father, playing age 40-50
JOSÉ - ROSA's dance date, playing age 15-17
PRIEST - a middle-aged priest, playing age 50+
DRIVER - a young soldier, playing age 20s
ALFREDO - a heavy, strong soldier, 20-30

Wedding guests / soldiers / women / children (about 20 people) - these are extras for the wedding scene and the soldiers' scene, and may be the same people for both scenes.

All the characters are rural Portuguese people, and the story is set in the 1960s.

Please contact me through Facebook or email elisiumfilm@gmail.com

Simon Bolton-Gabrielsen, Producers