quinta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2013

Auditions for WHEN WERE YOU HAPPIEST? at the Lisbon Players

A satire on the future for all units of Human Capital.

The Lisbon Players will hold Auditions this Saturday 23rd of February from 12.30 for When Were You Happiest by Daniel Davies. We will be casting roles for the world première of this savage and very funny black comedy dealing with themes of the cost of celebrity, surveillance and what freedom really means.

Central Characters

Diana Fray: Head of LifeWorthLiving (TM) Ltd, 34, confident,brash self-made business woman, sexy; minor celeb for her rapid rise, torrid love life and seemingly endless wardrobe.

Dee Moody: introverted, contrary, witty, shy, 18-year old smoker. Dresses down in black to hide

Adam Napier: High flying Investment Parent, 40; sharp, funny, but proud, smug and arrogant. Diana’s Investment Parent & fervent believer in Freezone principles.

Karl: The legendary head of ultra-cool Psyche-Dynamic Investment group Edge Advance, 66, & one of the founders of the Freezone. A Billionaire revered as an innovator, life-guru & philosopher.

Rebecca: Very sharp head of Sales at Edge Advance, 35, Adam’s closest colleague and rival.

Mandy: Famous for being the ultra-sexy Ad-Vatar face of elite Buddy Agency Lost Weekends.

Robert: Star CEO of Ad-Vatar Inc, who has also made a popular Ad-Vatar is own image


Director Rob Clowes will be looking for a cast of around 14, male and female actors (approximately 50/50), to play ages 18 to 66. The play is set in a superficially glamorous world where life and death are conducted by the ethics of facebook. The play will open for a run of three weeks on the 25th April 2013.

This audition is open to everyone. Performance and rehearsal language is English. No preparation necessary. Wear comfortable clothes. Just turn up.

We will take a break in the audition on Saturday around 2.30 to 3.15 at Estrela Hall (for directions see http://www.lisbonplayers.com.pt/site/find-us ). We must be out of the theatre by six but there will be callbacks the following week. Also looking for technicians and people to help backstage.

NOTE: Lisbon Players is a non-profit-making association and no-one is paid for their work.

For further information contact Rob Clowes on 91906447 or robert.clowes@gmail.com

More info on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/489045904466256/