quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2013

Invitation to Register - FEST - TRAINING GROUND 2013 - Espinho

We are happy to announce the opening of the registration for FEST – Training Ground 2013, be sure to be the first one to register.

FEST – Training Ground is a place where film makers and film enthusiasts from all over the world gather in one week, to attend a deluxe training from workshops to master classes, lectured by industry top experts with recognized achievements. TRAINING GROUND, is now one of the biggest learning forum in the world in the area of filmmaking, in number of participants and number of worldwide recognized experts.

FEST – Training ground will no less than 25 Training activities lectured industry top experts, in the past it has brought names such as three time Oscar Winner FERNANDO TRUEBA, TOM STERN Cinematographer of Films such as Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, The Hunger Games, Oscar winner Editor MARTIN WALSH,  LAURENCE BENNETT production designer of films such as Crash and The Artist, Cannes Winner and Oscar Nominee SCANDAR COPTI, 3 times Oscar Winner David Macmillan, Oscar Winner Eugenio Caballero, Eduardo Serra, Two times Oscar Nominee and recently was the DOP of Harry Potter, and many more, detailed information on www.fest.pt

The fee for one week of the world´s best film training activities is only 59 Euros, so be sure to grab your place fast!

To register visit our website www.fest.pt

When and Where?
Between the 25th and the 30th of June In Espinho, Portugal, 15 minutes south of Porto in the sea-coast line. A tourism orientated city and one of the summer hotspots of Portugal.

Why go?
It is an excellent opportunity in many levels, firstly the knowledge present there is overwhelming, with the best experts in the world, secondly because more than 300 people will come from all over the world to attend creating an atmosphere where you can learn from each other and the experience they have, but mainly because here you can have a big break, people have been hired by some of the experts, found financiers for their films, or simply found a correct direction on their career, FEST -Training Ground is a huge game changer, and a enormous help for up and coming film-makers.

FEST - Training Ground has been a worldwide success, with registered participants coming from all over the World, from countries such as Italy, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Lebanon, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Nigeria, Japan, Poland Russia, Romania, Qatar and so on...

All in one
Training Ground is all in one program, as participants will not only enjoy a six day deluxe training program, but also will be able to attend the screenings of FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival, as parallel activities, all of this having as a scenario the beautiful sea-coast city of Espinho, one of the most looked for sea-coast location in all of Portugal.

How do you register?
All registrations must be made through the training ground website www.fest.pt

Who is eligible?
Every film maker or film enthusiast is eligible for registering; you just need to have a genuine interest in the subject, an open spirit, and the will to learn.

More Information about the event on our website www.fest.pt

Look forward in hearing from you, and meeting you here