quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2012

Workshop com Peter Michael Dietz

About Moves
Sexta, 14 de Dezembro
Preço: €12,50

Series of Moves
Sábado e Domingo, 15 e 16 de Dezembro
Preço: €35

Contactos para inscrição e informação adicional:
producao@c-e-m.org | http://www.c-e-m.org
21 887 17 63 – 91 803 01 69

    I decided to call this encounters moves, since it have a certain
    value for me and respond better to the state created….
    It will be during the early spring into the early summer, and
    we will travel through several topics, which I have been
    fighting with the last 25 years… not that the number or time is
    important, because with you, everything will be different…
    It will be in the weekends 10 hours each weekend…
    Body in space..
    Vertical/ horizontal..
    Lines …
    Falling …
    Breaking limits
    Touch and be touched
    Present or the lack of it
    Technique of the moving element
    Joy of being dancing
    Knowing that you can dance
    Just dance
    Sharing this incredible moment.
    The topics will be mixed in the encounters, and every
    encounter is unique, but have a constant evolution…
    You can always join in on the moves….
    Do not loose this opportunity to be a part of this…..