quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Program for Artistic Creation Residents

We "corpodehoje - Associação Cultural", as resident structure of CAE (Art and Performance Center) coordinate the Art School (Dance and Disciplinary Crossing areas),  collaborate with CAE's programming schedule and have created a program for artistic creation residents, which is now open to applications.

We benefit from these logistic conditions but we would also like to provide to other artists/creators this  wonderful creation and presentation space outside the big urban centers. This way we could contribute  to the rising of new public, aware of contemporary artistic creation.

We anticipate the existence of "Sem Rede" - an informal presentation platform for the residents - which precedes the debut or formal presentation, and where the creators/artists can establish an informal dialogue with the public in order to exchange ideas and insights about what was seen, without the need to explain but only for reflexion.

We believe this way we can create a conscious, sensible and active public, creating critical mass.

The applications are open until 15th October 2012. Applications received after this date will be assessed and scheduled upon space availability.

We will wait for your contact and hope to count with your creative presence.

corpodehoje | associação cultural
 +351 93 174 69 45 | 233 098 287